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Terry Gliedt


I had a terrific career with IBM where they let me do most anything I wanted. I always told my kids that IBM paid me lots of money to do something I would have paid them to let me do. In 1993 when IBM said "go away and take this money", I thought I'd better do as they said.

After several other jobs, I landed in Biostatistics at the University of Michigan where I spent a delightful and rewarding 13 years with them and formally retired at the end of 2012. As with many university positions, I didn't quite completely leave, but continue as a part time contractor. Every six months I ask my boss if (1) he has money, (2) he's willing and (3) I'm willing. Three 'yes' votes mean I stay on for a bit longer.

We always had a goal to live abroad and have felt especially fortunate to be able to live in Germany ('73-75), England ('81-83), and Singapore ('98-99). Now we've set our sights on 'down under'. Some day...

Personal Projects

  • While living in the U.K., I wrote a dictionary called United Kingdom English for the American Novice which has has been dormant for 15+ years and is dated, but seems to still amuse a few people. Go figure :-)

  • Exploring my family tree. A distant cousin has written a history of the Gliedt family dating back several hundred years. I volunteered to digitize several hundred pictures (~150MB). I need to add a good search engine for this and add indexes for all those pictures. If you are a Gliedt, I'd like to hear from you.

  • We've lived abroad three times now and we find living in other cultures very appealing. Our most recent adventure was in Singapore which was documented in a long series of letters called, Reports from Tomorrow