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The Glied(t)s 1723-1993 and Poeppelmeiers 1804-1993

The story of our ancestors centers around the town of Herford which is located in the modern day state of Nordrhein/Westfalen, Germany. Germany did not exist prior to 1871 when the German Confederate was united into what we now know as Germany. Before then, this area was subject to numerous wars and for a period of time was known as Prussia. To avoid confusion, the modern day description will be used in this book. Herford is located at the point where the Aa river flows into the Werre, between the Teutoburg and Wiehengebirge forests. It is a fertile land which is rather hilly. The towns of Enger and Bünde appear in the text of the story. Enger lies 9 km to the northwest of Herford, while Bünde lies 13 km to the northwest of Herford. The towns of Jöllenbeck and Schildesche lie southwest of Herford. For those family members with Dönnig ancestors, it is interesting to note that the Glieds lived about 25 km. south of Eickhorst. The Pöppelmeiers lived in the town of Ahmsen which lies a short distant southeast of Herford. Today Ahmsen is located in the state/district of Lippe.