Installing Windows XP - Using DialUp

This is part of some remarks I've put together for friends
who are stuck with Windows. You should have read this first.

This comprises my notes from an install of XP where I used dialup and not my Ethernet connection (cable/DSL modem). At this point most of XP has been installed on your machine and we've just seen this screen:

Welcome to Microsoft Windows

  Lets spend a few minutes setting up your computer

==> Next

Do you want to set up Internet access now?

==> Yes, help me connect to the Internet
==> Next

XP is about to set up your network connection and it's easier to get prompted here, than for you to do it later. You still may need to sort out the dialup connection stuff later if this does not work.

Let's get on the Internet

==> Use my existing Internet account with another serivce provider (ISP)
==> Next

I assume you already have an account with some ISP. Choose whatever is right for you here.

Do you want help finding an Internet service provider?

==> No, I have my user name, password and my ISP's name and phone number handy
==> Next

I assume you already have an account with some ISP. Choose whatever is right for you here.

Set up your Internet account

==> Your user name
==> Your user password
==> Your ISP's phone number

==> Obtain IP automatically    Check this box
==> Obtain DNS automatically   Check this box
==> Next

If you've already been using dialup, you should know the answers to these questions.


You can now connect to the Internet using your phone line
==> Next

Realize you have not yet actually connected to the Net. Cable modem/DSL users are all set. In a little bit when you attempt to use the Internet, you'll be prompted to dial your ISP.

There are only a couple of questions left, return now to Ready to register with Microsoft?.

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