Install the SIFTER Client Software

Before doing this, you should have already created at least one project.

Before you can load data into SIFTER, you need a few Perl scripts installed. These need the same set of Perl modules as the other Perl components. Access to the database for the client is done by invoking a CGI script which uses a protocol called SOAP. In order to invoke the CGI script, you'll need the client realm information (the URL to the CGI script) and the web userid and password (if the page is password protected).

As with the demo and project, a script will prompt you for the relevent information (this should start looking familiar). The Perl code is installed and tested. If all is successful, you're ready to set your project attributes and then load maps and results into your project database.

It's time to install the client software. As in the demo documentation, lines you enter are shown in red and commentary is shown in blue. Also note that some of the following was reformatted to make it easier to add comments.

Installing a Project

cd [whereever]/sifter-1.00

                    Start in SIFTER distribution directory

perl -w perl/scripts/ 

                    You may need to specify a special Perl library
                    directory. If so, set these environment variables
                    or specify something like this:
                      (PERL5LIB=blahblah; export PERL5LIB; \
                         perl -w perl/scripts/

|   Install SIFTER Client Software
Here are some things we need from you:

(1) The name of the project you created earlier. This is
also the realm we'll use for testing.

(2) The directory where the SIFTER client code can find the
URL for the web server. You provided this when you created (1).

(3) If the URL you provided in (2) requires a userid/password
to access the data, you will need to know
    * web userid to use
    * web password to use

(4) A directory where the client software should be installed.
This is specified as the PREFIX (top level directory) for the 
bin, man, lib etc directories where the software will be
installed. You must have write access to these directories.
These directories should be readable by anyone loading 
data into SIFTER.

(5) A directory where the SIFTER modules will be installed.
These Perl modules are necessary for the client scripts to
work properly. You must have write access to this directory.
If this is not in the Perl default INCLIB path, you will
need to set the PERl5LIB environment variable so that Perl
can find the SIFTER modules.

Are you ready to install the client software?
Enter y or n:
                    Avoid this with the -quiet option the next time.
                    Do read it at least once so you know what is needed.
                    No point in going further if you don't know the
                    answers to what's going to be asked.

Provide the name of the project created earlier. We will test in this realm: MYPROJ

We need the directory where the client information was saved.
You specified this creating the project. Enter directory path: /SOMEPATH/sifter/client
Good answers, found a URL

                    This means we found something that looked like
                    a realm directory and found a URL. Be sure
                    to verify the URL we found is what you expect.

If '' is password protected,
  provide the userid or press enter for none: MYUSER
Provide the password or press enter for none: MYPASSWORD

                    If accessing the URL mentioned two lines above
                    will required a password, provide the userid
                    and password here. Ask your web master.

Provide the PREFIX for a directory where we can install the client software.
This will have a bin, man lib etc subdirectory created in it: /PREFIX

                    This must be a fully qualified path (start with
                    '/') which contains a subdirectory 'bin'. This
                    need not be available to every user in the
                    system - as it is ONLY used by those users 
                    who will load results into SIFTER.

Provide a directory where the SIFTER modules should be installed: /MODPATH/perl5
'/MODPATH/perl5' is NOT in the default Perl INC path.
Client software will include a -I flag so the SIFTER code is found

                    If the path you provide is in the path (@INC)
                    used by Perl, all is fine. If, however, you
                    specified a directory that is not in the 
                    standard path, we will add this path to the
                    startup invocation of the Perl client scripts.

Let's check this one last time:
    webuid=MYUSER  webpwd=MYPASSWORD
  Client details will be in '/SOMEPATH/sifter/client'
  Install client software starting at '/PREFIX'
  SIFTER modules will be installed at '/MODPATH/perl5'
  This is NOT in the default Perl modules path

Shall we continue? y|n y

                    Check the values over carefully. If anything is
                    wrong, enter 'n' and start again. If any errors 
                    are made here, it'll insure something will fail.

Creating user information to access the URL...
  Created user realm file '/home/tpg/.sifter/user.cfg'

                    This is where we save the web userid and password
                    to access your URL.

Saved pointers to realm data in '/tmp/'
Retrieving realm details from '/tmp/'

                    Some of the input to is saved
                    here. You may delete this after this install
                    is successful.

Cleaning SIFTER for install. Ignore errors.
Creating Makefiles starting at '.'

Makefiles were created. See log file '/tmp/clientinstall.clientinstall.log'

                    We start by finding where you have installed the
                    SIFTER code and then doing 'perl Makefile.PL'.
                    Since you have provided all the details earlier,
                    you do not need to answer the questions.

Preparing SIFTER for install. Ignore deprecated messages...
SIFTER client ready for install. See log file '/tmp/clientinstall.install.log'

                    'make client' has created the modules with the
                    paths you provided.

Installing SIFTER client...
Can't stat blib/arch: No such file or directory
                    Ignore this error message.

Get list of SIFTER programs we installed
Corrected /PREFIX/bin/
Corrected /PREFIX/bin/

                    If the path you specified for the SIFTER modules
                    was not in the default Perl path, we correct the
                    first line of each script to include the SIFTER
                    modules path.

Install was successful. See log file '/tmp/clientinstall.install.log'

                    Everything is copied to the PREFIX you specified.

Try to access database using SOAP...
Client program can access SIFTER database. See log file '/tmp/clientinstall.client.log'

                    We run to access the database
                    using the web server. If it works, everything
                    else will work.

SIFTER client software is ready for you to use.

Congratulations, your SIFTER client programs have been installed and should work. Now it's time to set the attributes for your project and then load data into the SIFTER database.

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