My Toolbox
Contributions to SourceForge

As part of my efforts to repay the generosity of so many unnamed others, I've made some contributions to SourceForge. Of course there's always some things that just have not made it to SF yet, or for whatever reason will not ever make it there. You can find these here.

  • FormEntry can generate an HTML form directly from a table, providing an easily created and maintained form which is tightly tied to your database table.

  • GPlot is a simple front-end to GNU plot. It makes generating plots from one or more files of data just a simple command.

  • Pipemore is intended to be used as the last of a series of piped commands. It captures the data on the pipe (STDOUT) and displays it in a scrolled text window where you may search or save it. Think of it as a 'more' window you can leave open and reference later.

  • Simple Website Software is my attempt to provide software to generate a reasonably modern looking web site while requiring a minimal amount of effort to set up and yet keep the HTML pages independent so they can be easily modified outside the web site. This web site uses SWS.

  • SQLDiff tries to help answer the question 'What Changed' in a database table.

  • SQLView provides a user friendly interface for browsing a SQL database and modifying SQL tables using a web browser.