Other Tools in My Toolbox

As part of my efforts to repay the generosity of so many unnamed others, here is a selected list of tools someone else might find useful. Contributions to SourceForge are listed here.

  • is a script to help manage disk-to-disk backups of my data.

  • is a script to invoke MySQL using passwords in a series of config files.

  • is a script to clone a MySQL table to another database or just make a copy of it. This uses the same configuration files as

  • Genostore is aimed at small and medium sized genotyping projects. It provides a place for you to save your genotypes as well as providing a means to extract the data for analysis. Once the analysis is done, it'll help organize all those results and provide a way for you to find them again later.

  • sends me my daily dose of comics.

  • is yet another way to automate upgrading Linux systems.

  • is a script to close the IP door on people I do not want in.

  • is a script to help manage all things related to LVMs. This is especially useful if your system has LOTS of drives.

  • is 'wh' for Perl Modules.

  • sends me reminders when important dates like birthdays and anniversaries are coming up.

  • is a script to create a map of drives on systems which have LOTS of drives.

  • SIFTER assists in managing the massive amounts of data that are generated by groups doing genetic analysis. Results are saved in a database and may be searched looking for "interesting" results which can be conveniently displayed. Unfortunately, by the time this was completed, the intended 'customer' no longer needed it, so it's in mothballs. If you think you might be interested, drop me a line.

  • Simple Maildata Forwarder is used to send Email from forms.

  • WebFile - Simple Actions for Simple Files is a rule-based tool for maniuplating files from a browser.

  • is a smarter 'which'.