My Toolbox

When answering the question 'What do you do?', I've found the answer hasn't varied much during my career. I consistently describe myself as a 'toolsmith'. The term comes from Fred Brook's, The Mythical Man Month. Tools are my passion and most of my career has been in organizations devoted to writing software tools to make my "users" of all sorts get their work done more efficiently.

I've used various forms of 'free' software for much of my career (even inside IBM). The material on this page is my attempt to return the favor by making some of my software available back to the community that has provided me with so much useful software over the years. Everything here is available under the GNU General Public License (i.e. copyleft).

You won't be surprised, I'm a big fan of Linux. It does everything I want and these days I've managed to wean myself completely from Windows. Everytime CERT announces another set of problems for Windows or I read about all the virus attacks these days, I'm even more pleased I use Linux.

I've made contributions to SourceForge which are listed here. Of course there are always things that just have not made it to SF yet or for whatever reason will not ever make it there. You can find these here.