Andrew User Interfave System

At IBM I had a very rich and diverse software environment. I was part of a group which provided the IBM Rochester (MN) lab a workstation-based work environment. It made extensive use of Andrew - Andrew User Interface System and the Andrew File System (once provided by Transarc, now part of OpenAFS). We had hundreds of tools from the Internet on our AIX machines.

AUIS on Linux

As the Linux Consultant for CMU's AUIS group I undertook the effort to make and package AUIS for the Linux community. We went through 4 or 5 releases with good success. AUIS is pretty dated now and I personally have discontinnued using it - not because there are BETTER tools, but because finally after 10+ years, the rest of the world has finally caught up. You can get AUIS for Linux on the Intel platform from

As part of my time as a Linux Consultant I wrote a series of articles which were published in some of the earlier issues of the Linux Journal.

This is very old software and no longer in use except for a few places. IBM has agreed to make it's sources available. They can be found on SourceForge.