Webmaster, Web Programmer

Early on I served as Webmaster (see my resume), responsible for all things related to the web in various jobs. This included a fairly wide mix of things, including

  • Installing, modifying and configuring various Web servers
  • Setting up anonymous FTP accounts for people to put data to their web areas
  • Responsible for the overall Web site design
  • Designing web sites for customers
  • Web page design and creation
  • Creating/finding graphics
  • Writing CGI scripts
  • Designing and implementing secure data input over the Web
  • Working with databases
  • Consulting with customers
  • Maintaining Web pages for customers
  • Just about anything else web-related

Some of the following is now dated, since it's moved on after I left previous positions, but it should give you an idea of what I was involved in.

Web Skill Set

This list should give you an idea of some of the Web-related skills I've acquired.

  • Designed and built several Web sites from scratch,
  • Extensive use of the Apache server. If you need to use databases with Apache, the PHP extensions are terrific.
  • Experience with searchable indexes.
  • Experience in supporting multi-homed servers.
  • Experienced running a network of over 20 Web servers.
  • Experience using SQL servers for dynamic generation of HTML. I wrote my own CGI script (very much like PHP) which allowed me to generate reports from over 6 different kinds of databases.
  • Clickable images (image maps).
  • Forms.
  • Developed an automated Web statistics system to provide feedback to clients on activities to their Web sites.
  • Extensive experience dynamically creating and modifying images.
  • Experienced in the use of secure documents in both the CERN and Apache servers.
  • Written hundreds of CGI scripts for production use.
  • Experienced with hypermail.
  • Experienced with NetForum (no longer available).
  • Experience setting up FTP for Web publishing.


Here are some of the commercial Web sites that I had a hand creating. In some cases I did the design, graphics, scripts and HTML. In other cases the design and/or graphics were done by others. Of course, by now most of these have changed considerably since I was involved. As these get older, more and more of these links will fail. Let me know if you find one that fails.

The Sprint INTERNATIONAL - real-time reporting on a golf tournament
The Sprint Sports Stop - features lots of sports information
The Von Klopp Brew Shop - beer & wine making
Student Insurance Division - a gazillion variations
Red River Basin Information Network - diverse groups publishing their own information
Virtual Trade Show - following your every move (demo only)
Minnesota Weather - dynamically created weather information
Interactive Media Works - marketing agency
SOHO America - supporting small business
Frontier Communications - about half of these
Community Web Project - or how to support hundreds of Web sites at once
Communicating for America
Internet Services Provider Network
HPS, where it all began HomePage Services of Minnesota
FUSION, fusion.sph.umich.edu
LAMBDA, lambda.sph.umich.edu
Center for Statistical Genetics, csg.sph.umich.edu
PSA Calculator, psacalc.sph.umich.edu
Deep Spring Archives, archives.deepspring.org