Terence P. Gliedt
495 Village Oaks Court
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 369-2628
EMail: tpg@hps.com
URL: http://www.hps.com/~tpg/


An organized, results oriented team player seeks a senior level programming position which makes use of his extensive experience to make a difference in your organization.


I formally retired from the University of Michigan at the end of 2012. No surprise, I continue working very part time with my old group (you never really leave a University it seems :-).

A seasoned programmer and leader with experience in Unix. Major strengths are in problem solving, communications, networking, integration, and software tool development. An innovative, organized team player who gets the job done. Technical skills include:

Languages: HTML, JavaScript, SQL, C, C++ and others
Shell Languages: Perl, PHP, *sh
Operating Systems: Unix (Linux, Solaris, MacOS, AIX, BSD)
File Systems: NFS, OpenAFS
Database Experience: MySQL and others
Clusters: SLURM, Mosix, SGE, Amazon EC2 etc.


University of Michigan, Senior Programmer Analyst, Ann Arbor, MI 1999-2012

* My principle role is to help organize the massive amount of data from our projects and to automate the analytical processes. This includes managing approximately 7.5 PB of space dedicated to the raw sequence data, mapping this data into useful form, and doing traditional statistical analysis.
* Provide software support to a group of statistical analysts working to map and identify genetic variants that predispose one to various diseases, principally type 2 diabetes (FUSION and various consortia)
* Responsible for installing and maintaining the infrastructure for numerous Web-based applications (MySQL, Apache, PHP, etc). Supported users and management of our 200+ node cluster.

Washtenaw Community College, Part Time Instructor Ann Arbor, MI 2003-2005

* Developed and taught a class on Perl This has formed the basis for a class on Perl I teach incoming Biostat graduate students in our group at the University of Michigan.

United Overseas Bank, Manager, Development Support, Singapore 1998-1999

* Responsible for a group of 8 professionals in support of a massive Java project. We were a service organization responsible for: Unix and NT install/maintenance, Oracle support, configuration management, build and release, developer tools, support of servers (mail, news, LDAP and Web). Our job was to make the Java developers and testers more efficient and to insure their talents were maximized.
* Designed, developed and ran a build process to deliver a weekly "build' of the software under development for use by the developers and testers.
* Designed and implemented Marimba channels to deploy the application to over 500 clients within the bank.

First Virtual Holdings Inc., Senior Research Engineer, Ann Arbor, MI 1996-1997

* Responsible for the development of a variety of seller oriented software tools and systems to support commerce on the Internet.
* Designed, developed and deployed a complex software system for the seller to process financial transactions which processed 30% of First Virtual transactions.
* Chosen to work directly with First Virtual sellers.
* Developed commerce system for NT using Microsoft Merchant Server, IIS, and MS SQL.
* Designed, developed and deployed software to reduce the payment point for a seller to a single simple interface thereby reducing need for assistance from customer care.

Internet Services Provider Network, Web Programmer, Minneapolis, MN 1995-1996

* Responsible for all Web activity on 20+ servers on the Internet. Provided support for the business processes for each ISP.
* Developed Web sites for over forty commercial accounts, including graphics, forms, image maps and extensive use of CGI scripts
* Developed a system for showing near real time information on the Web.
* Developed Web based systems for internal company processes resulting in more efficient operations.

Software Toolsmiths, sole proprietorship, Pine Island, MN 1993-1995

* Integrated and tested a large complex software system used to support software development. Developed a process to distribute 1GB of software to remote locations.
* Designed, developed and deployed a commercial Web site.
* Built, distributed and supported an X-based GUI for Linux.
* Documented a large GUI project written in C/C++.
* Created/taught classes on C, C++, shell programming and intro to Unix.
* Wrote four articles for the Linux Journal.

IBM Corporation, Rochester, MN 1970-1993

Team Leader for Software Debugger (1992-1993)

* Responsible for the design and implementation of a distributed debugger for kernel-level code. This was a large C/C++ project using a client-server protocol.

Workstation Developer (1987-1992)

* Helped to developed a software infrastructure to support over 2000 hardware and software engineers. Installed and maintained hundreds of X-based applications. Ported 7+ million lines of C code to three different Unix platforms.

* Designed, developed and deployed a system to convert Email between a VM-based networking system and Unix.


University of Colorado; Boulder, CO, 1970; B.A. Mathematics


Excellence in Staff Service Award, University of Michigan (SPH) 2004
Distinguished Contribution Award for efforts 1983-1987
Outstanding Technical Contribution Award for efforts 1987-1992
Lived and worked overseas (Germany, England, Singapore)
Served on Pine Island city council 1985-1992 (mayor 1989-1992)
Second language: German