Terry Gliedt, Personal Details

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I was born in Waterloo, Iowa at a very early age. A few years later we moved to southern Wisconsin where I grew up as a typical middle-class Yuppie (yes, I confess).

I attended college at the University of Colorado - Boulder, originally starting as a chemistry major. The first four classes in chemistry convinced me this wasn't as exciting as I originally thought, so in my junior year I counted up credits and decided I was a Math major. Finally in the summer after my junior year I took a summer position with Sunstrand, Corp. working with FORTRAN programs on their IBM 1130. I was in love! My senior year was devoted to independent studies in the EE department at CU (this was before there ever was a Computer Science department) working on their brand new machine from Data General - 20 kilobytes of memory for only $20,000! Incredible! I've been a power user ever since. :-)

We loved living in Boulder, so when the IBM development lab in Boulder offered me a job, I jumped at it. At the time IBM Boulder had the tools mission within IBM and I found my "specialty" as a toolsmith (the term comes from Fred Brook's, The Mythical Man Month). Tools are my passion and most of my career has been in organizations devoted to writing software tools to make my "users" (programmers, engineers, publications groups etc.) get their work done more efficiently.

From Boulder to small-town Minnesota for twenty plus years, now we're back in another university town, Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan. We always had a goal to live abroad and have felt especially fortunate to be able to live in Germany ('73-75), England ('81-83), and Singapore ('98-99).

My wife, Mary, and I have three children. Micah is a chemistry geek working for Achaogen. Kimberly is serving in the U.S. Navy, and Gretchen and her husband are now with American University.