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Copyright. All rights reserved

Copyright. All rights reserved

This family history project is fully protected under all copyright laws. The book The Glied(t)s 1723-1993 and Poeppelmeiers 1804-1993 was written by Donna Budzier. Any use of this material without her permission is prohibited. On the other hand, the point of this effort is to share her work with others. I'm sure she will be very gracious if you simply ask. But you are expected to ask.

The pictures belong to the people who shared them with Donna. They should not be used without permission of the individuals involved. It just seems like basic courtesy.

The effort to digitize the book and the pictures was done by Terry Gliedt. I have no copyrights to any of the material (except the introductory material and the programs). I only ask that after obtaining the approval of the others, that you credit me with my small part.

Questions about this should be directed to Terry Gliedt and Donna Budzier.

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